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About Ensemble2

Ensemble2 is a free Feedreader on MacOSX.

Main feature

Correnspond for RSS0.9x/1.0/2.0 Atom0.3/1.0
Correnspond for PodCast/VideoCast/PhotoCast (RSS2.0 Enclosure)
2-4pane changeable
Manage feed list with tab ("box")
Synchronize database via network (.mac/FTP)
Custom pasteboard can copy with a optional format
Post to sorcial bookmark service
Smart list
Manage history
Tagging with entries
Protect or mark flag on a entry
Analyze entries
Import/Export OPML
Filtering entry and contents
Correspond for Default RSS reader
Universal Binary
Correspond for Growl


  • After MacOSX 10.4.x and 10.5.x (verify with 10.4.11 and 10.5.1)
  • PowerPC or Intel (Universal Binary)


Latest version is v0.6.1.


Each version is here. (There are change hisotries)

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How to use


  • Copy Ensemble2 below /Applications


  • Delete Ensemble2
  • Delete ~/Library/Preferences/net.pyxis-project.Ensemble2.plist
  • Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Ensemble2
  • Delete Documents/Pyxis/Ensemble2 at iDisk

Convert database from Ensemble v1.0

Do below operations at first, then you easily convert database from Ensemble v1.0.

  1. Download Ensemble Database Converter
  2. Launch Ensemble2
  3. Only follow instructions


Special Thanks

Ensemble2 is indebted to the following external frameworks. On this occasion, we give a reward.

Future schedule

  • Display with ticker type (integretion with Ensemble Petit)
  • Correspond for Spotlight

Bug report

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