Jul 22, 2006

Ensemble v1.0b8r4 公開しました

ポスト @ 20:06:13 | Ensemble




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Re: Ensemble v1.0b8r4 公開しました

I am new to Ensemble and have just started to look to move from NetNewsWireLite to Ensemble.

A few issues though.
1. When I updated any atom feed of a blogspot.com blog, the HomepageURL switched to some blogger.com URL and requested a login/password combination. I'm not sure if that is an issue with blogspot.com/atom.xml feeds or a parsing issue, but it is extremely annoying. It does not happen with blogspot.com/rss.xml feeds though.

2. http://lydon.yculblog.com/rss.xml The feed will not load at all.

From : Tom - Daai Tou Laam @ 2006-07-29 02:10:00 編集

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